Self-Employment Assistance 

Thinking about Self‑Employment? Think TAG!

Our tailored Self-Employment Assistance Program can help you get your idea off the ground, or take your existing business to the next level.

With a comprehensive range of free services ranging from one-on-one Business Advice Sessions to a structured 12-month package of Small Business Coaching, our expert Business Advisors can give you the support you need to succeed.

Self-Employment Workshops

These 5 day workshops give you an overview of what’s involved in setting up and running a business. You’ll learn about everything from business structure basics to finance, registration and digital marketing. It’s a great first step to find out if self employment is right for you.

Small Business Training

Our accredited training programs provide you with the skills you need to start operating your small business with confidence.

Business Plan Development

Our business experts help you create a comprehensive business plan to identify strategies for success and forecast your business cash flow for 2 years into the future.

Business Advice Sessions

Targeted hour long advice sessions specific to you and your business idea or existing business. You can access a maximum of 2 sessions a year.

Business Health Checks

If you’re an existing business owner, business health checks help you assess the current status of your business and find ways to improve its viability. Delivered over 3 hours in a 1-1 session, and you can access one session a year.

Business Mentoring

Over the course of a year, you’ll receive business coaching from your own personal business mentor who will give you the guidance and support to reach your goals.