Who says the best jobs or professional success are reserved for college graduates? Sometimes, we can’t or don’t wish to attend college due to a myriad of reasons. That doesn’t mean you’ll be unemployed forever.

With the right skill sets, you’ll be able to successfully set up your own business, create employment for many and become financially secure. At Training Alliance Group (TAG), we work with Stirling Skills Training to offer employability training programs and employment services to residents of Western Australia. We can help you set up your dream career in business.

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Don’t Fall Behind

The world is getting more competitive each day. With every new graduate passing out of college, jobs will become scarcer than ever. Don’t be left behind in the tidal wave of new applicants. The longer you delay the fewer jobs you’ll have access to. Plus, rusty skills will attract lower salaries.

Instead, take control over your own life and create the professional life you’ve always wanted.

Get The Job You Want

Getting your dream job is easy when you put in the work. In Western Australia, there are no dearth of start-ups and MNC’s who require creative, passionate and driven individuals. If you fit this bill, you’ll find that you’re a step closer to attracting the career opportunities you want. On average, you can expect to earn $60,000 per year for a starter’s salary.

No Degree, No Worries

You’re interested in getting a job with this 60K figure. But you’re worried that you won’t make the cut because you don’t have a fancy degree. That’s okay. This is where we come in. At TAG, we know that what really matters isn’t just bookish knowledge, but practical skills. Our Certificate III in Business is designed to impart the unique skills you’ll need to stand out in the competitive job market.

Our course is updated according to modern business needs and designed to help you get a headway into any company, in any industry. Enriched with lots of real case studies and practical exercises, we train you to be creative, strategic, confident and patient individuals who any company will love to hire.

Eligibility qualifications

To apply for the Certificate III in Business course, you must:

•             Be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. Holders of the following subclasses of visa are also eligible for this course – 309, 444, 785, 790, 820, 826 457 and Bridging Visa E (subclasses 050 and 051).

•             Be under the age of 18 who have an NOA or an exemption.

•             Have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

•             Have agreed to the T&C’s of the Certificate III in Business course by TAG.

What does this certification course cover?

The Certificate III in Business is designed to:

•             Equip you with key business skills.

•             Expose you to real-life on-site scenarios.

•             Develop your creativity and lateral thinking.

•             Train you in technical skills that are essential for various administrative/office jobs.

•             Instil strategic thinking and a business mindset.

Assessment methods

Students will be assessed using a variety of techniques that depend largely on the module being covered. These assessment techniques include:

•             Theoretical questions

•             Report submissions

•             Project work

•             Skill demonstration

•             Observations

•             Practical exercises


If you have successfully completed and passed all requirements in the course, you will be granted a Certificate and Record of Result by TAG.

If the assessments have been partially completed, you will be given a Statement of Attainment

What do you need to take up this course?

You require:

•             A working laptop/desktop.

•             Uninterrupted internet connection.

•             Notebooks to write in.

•             Materials for assessment – information is available in your Student Handbook.

 How to pay for this course?

Here’s the best news. The Certificate III in Business is covered under the Government of Australia’s JobTrainer Scheme and will be available at subsidised prices. Feel free to reach out to us to know more.

What types of careers and salaries can you expect after completing the Certificate III in Business?

The Certificate III in Business course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to take up jobs with unlimited earning potential

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