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Employability Skills Training

Youth Jobs PaTH is designed to support young people to gain the employability skills and work experience needed to get and keep a job.

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Transition to Work

Transition to Work is a new service to support young people aged 15-24 on their journey to enter employment or complete education.

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ParentsNext operates nationally, across all non-remote employment regions to help parents of young children to plan and prepare for employment.

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Employability Skills Training (PaTH)

Employability Skills Training (EST) is part of the Government’s Youth Jobs PaTH initiative (Prepare – Trial – Hire)

Stirling Skills Training provide EST training that is aimed at giving Job Seekers aged 15 to 24 a broad grounding in a variety of industries and work-related behaviours.

We empower Job Seekers to make meaningful decisions about their careers and don’t lock them into pathways they don’t want to pursue.

Individualised Career Action Plans

We work with Job Seekers to identify their goals and then help meet them by designing an individualised Career Action Plan.

The individualised career plan will also help to organise internships in the industry they are interested in, giving valuable experience and a foot in the door.

Industry Awareness Experiences

Stirling Skills Training organises Industry Awareness Experiences to help Job Seekers learn more about the industry they want to work in.

These are run with our industry partners, and involve a mixture of practical placements and formal classroom presentations. We also go over what the chosen industry’s future needs will be, the specific skills they will require, and what training they can do to make the most of that information.

Training Block 1

  • Communication skills
  • Team work
  • Goal setting
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Resume and cover letters
  • Individualised Career Action Plan

Training Block 2

  • Advanced job hunting skills
  • Career development
  • Mock interview with real employers
  • Industry awareness experience
  • Labour market skills
  • Tailored resume and cover letters

 Experience our innovative approach to supporting job search.

The Employment Services App supports YOUR jobseekers by;

  • Receiving Job and Internship alerts during and post EST from the SST Employer Engagement team
  • Simplifying job applications
  • Maintaining a record of job/internship that have been applied for
  • Reducing the time in developing application letters by using the LetterWizard

Allowing jobseekers to upload industry specific resumes

Transition to Work (TtW)

Working with you to GET THAT JOB

If you are aged 15-24 and motivated to get into the WORKFORCE but don’t know where to start, then start with Stirling Skills Training.

This service is designed to help people who are early school leavers or people who’ve had difficulty getting a job after leaving school. (Eligibility criteria applies).

The Transition to Work (TtW) service is about helping you gain employment. It provides you with the skills, training and support to transition into a job.

Personalised service

When you start the services, you’ll be assigned a specialist support officer who will develop a transition to Work Plan designed specifically to help you select career appropriate training and secure a job.

Once you secure a job, we will continue to provide mentoring and assist you with your day to day work.

Pathway to Employment

By training and upskilling with us, you will be building a strong foundation that will help you get and keep a job.

You’ll get access to accredited training programs, giving you the chance to work towards a Certificate III in your chosen field while being taught the other practical skills that employers look for.

Support close to you

With sites at Clarkson, Fremantle, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Kwinana, Jooondalup, Mandurah, Mirrabooka, Morley, Midland, Osborne Park and Rockingham, you can drop in any time to take advantage of our job search facilities, find out more about career or training opportunities or simply catch-up with your specialist support officer about your options.

Life + Skill + Opportunities (L+S+O)

As a TtW participant you will complete the L+S+O program, a blend of job search activities combined with training, employment referrals and practical work experience. There are a range of accredited and non-accredited training options available that can be delivered face to face or online.

Links to employers

Stirling Skills Training have connections with numerous employers in your area. As a participant, your specialist support officer will work with you to make the introductions you need and prepare you for an interview.

Participate your way

At Stirling Skills Training we understand not everyone can access the Career HUBS, so we provide a range of options to help you link with resources and services.

We are also committed to providing culturally appropriate services for indigenous youth and those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

ParentsNext (PN)

What is ParentsNext

Our ParentsNext programs helps eligible parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school.

We will work with you to help set education and employment goals, develop a pathway to achieve them and link you to services and activities in the local community.

You don’t have to look for work immediately, however, it’s important to think about your study and work goals for when your children are school aged.

Our program centres around parents and their families and we understand that each parent has unique circumstances that can impact their ability to study or look for work.

At Stirling Skills Training we tailor our services to parents needs and if link them to community agencies which can support them to achieve their personal, education or work goals.

Each site has a kid’s zone which is stocked with toys, books, games and a TV to entertain, while our Engagement Officer’s work with parents to:

  • Identify strengths
  • Identify education and employment goals
  • Develop a pathway to achieve goals
  • Explore affordable and suitable child care options and investigate
  • child care subsidy entitlements
  • Balance preparing for work activities with parenting
  • responsibilities
  • Access services in the local community.
  • Schedule appointments to provide regular support
  • Identify and address barriers to employment
  • Develop practical skills needed to gain employment


Voluntary participants are eligible if you:

  • Receive Parenting Payment
  • Don’t have to take part but would like help with study or work goals
  • Live in an Intensive Stream location, and
  • Have a child younger than 6